Barter Friday, Reemi's response to Black Friday

Barter Friday

Sorry what did we say? Isn't it Black Friday?
We're not huge fans of fast fashion and mass consumerism, and really want to advocate for products that are well made and last long. Black Friday is unfortunately often the peak of mass buying in the western world.
So we've decided to offer you something a bit different! Instead of launching a massive big sale, we want to offer you to barter with us! Let's use what we already have. Trade us something you have for a pair of Reemi underwear! Get your whole office involved and we'll counter offer you with products for your whole team. This concept has been inspired by the 'Buy Nothing Day' which runs as a protest to Black Friday.
Send an email to and suggest what you have to trade and the approximate trade values. Photos and links are very helpful.
Or send us a photo of you recently volunteering at an organisation and approximate time spent - we love to celebrate good works in the community as well! It starts now!
We will consider:
- Exchange of your time for a good cause (any!)
- Services or gift cards for food vouchers, graphic design, volunteer time, stationery, promotional skills, fundraising, etc, in Auckland. Get creative!
- Things that you make: cards, clothes, jewellery, home decor, body products etc.
We need help getting the word about Reemi. So any creative offers in this area will be highly prioritised! Buy nothing from us this Black Friday! But if you do, remember you're gaming the capitalist system because you're supporting a registered non-profit, not shareholders. Gotcha Jeff.
Due to high demand, we may only reply to emails with trades that are useful to us. Apologies in advance.
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