Project Partners

Our project partners lead the way and are the true champions who make this work happen. We cannot thank them enough for their expertise, leadership and for being creators of change.
  • Change Associates

    Change Associates Ltd. is a women-led non-profit organisation committed to actively educating and empowering readymade (RMG) garment workers.

    Established in 2010, Change collaboratively works with manufacturing companies and apparel brands to design and implement workplace based programs aimed at building respectful work environments. Change believe in creating synergy through cross-sector partnership that leads to continual development of the workers in the RMG sector.

  • iDE Bangladesh

    Since 1984, iDE has created business opportunities for the private sector with the goal of improving income, livelihood, and well-being for low-income and marginalised communities. iDE's work is focused on building market systems that increase incomes through scaling transformative products, services and technologies in agriculture, WASH, and finance.

  • icddr,b

    A world leading organisation, icddr,b is an international health research organisation in Bangladesh. Dedicated to saving lives through research and treatment, icddr, b addresses some of the most critical health concerns facing the world today, ranging from improving neonatal survival to HIV/AIDS.

  • University of Munich

    We are working alongside two doctoral students from the University of Munich (LMU) to conduct research for Menstrual Health Management (MHM) in Bangladesh and ensure our work is evidence-based. They also assist in impact measurement.

  • Basha Boutique

    Through dignified work, Basha provides a sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing, and supportive environment.

  • Elrha

    Elrha is a global charity that that finds solutions to complex humanitarian problems through research and innovation. Reemi's MHM programme is funded and supported by Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) programme, a grant making facility which improves outcomes for people affected by humanitarian crises by identifying, nurturing and sharing more effective, innovative and scalable solutions.