Menstrual Hygiene Day MHM Day 2019

Celebrating Our Faves on MHM Day!

Today is Menstrual Hygiene Management Day!
We want to celebrate the progress that is being made towards menstrual hygiene and how helpful the increase in conversation has been, all around the world. Many people express that their Facebook feeds become filled with period-related content, after talking with us. This is either a result of big tech listening in on our conversations, tracking your google searches or a measure to show just how much more people are talking about periods.
Today, we want to take some time to celebrate some of the real-deal heroes we have met along the way..
  • Nazneen Apa - The pioneer of sanitary napkins and health education. She heads up our partner organisation, Change Associates, and was recently awarded Outstanding Women Award, 2019 for Social Services in Bangladesh - for her years and years of work improving women's lives. She's a true honour to work with!
  • Silvia & Rana - The duo that found us on the internet (shout out to Google Images). Silvia's Master's thesis was conducting a study on garment workers to measure the effectiveness of sanitary pads. Her partner in crime, is Rana, a consultant for factories and they're now looking at how they can scale their findings.
  • Ahad - Product designer at iDE Global. He was commissioned by ICDDR,B in Bangladesh to design and create a solution for wash bags and dry bags for reusable menstrual products. Taking inspiration from camping equipment, he has developed an exceptionally cool low-cost set of bags.
  • Mamunur, founder of Ella Pad, who uses scrap materials to make menstrual products in garment factories through design-thinking models.
We've had the privilege to meet with and in many cases, work alongside these champions and we hope we can do so, long into the future. We're excited to see more and more people entering this space and showing care and love for such a long-standing 'icky' issue. The more people working on these issues, the sooner we can see long term solutions, and a shift in cultural narratives.
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