Latesha Randall at Raglan Food Co. Talks to Reemi about her experience with periods

Friends of Reemi 01 | Latesha Randall from Raglan Food Co.

Welcome to the first edition of Friends of Reemi.
Here we talk to friends that are doing some incredible things, and shedding light on their experience with periods. It's all about bringing these conversations into normal everyday spaces.
Today, we have the privilege of talking to someone who is a true trailblazer in the food industry. Creating a carbon-zero organisation that pays the living wage and implements positive initiatives that are good for the planet and people - is no small feat. Latesha Randall, Mrs Coconut from Raglan Food Co brings her thoughts to Friends of Reemi.
Break down for us what you do and why you're passionate about it
Together with Mr Coconut, we're helping to accelerate the shift to a plant-based diet for humankind by creating delicious products that are dairy-free, high quality, and produced in the most sustainable way possible. Raglan Food Co has been going for 6 years now and we love seeing how more and more people are switching their diets to plant-based for nutrition, environment, and animal-welfare reasons!
If you could solve one issue what would it be?
Climate change. It's a biggie and it's going to affect us all in more ways than we realise.
What's something that's been delighting you recently?
Morning beach & pine forest walks, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun on my skin with my gorgeous rescue puppy, Willow. She's the best.
How would you define beauty?
Life in its natural form is beautiful. Nature, animals, people. Without too much alteration or additions.
Do you remember the first time you got your period? What was your experience like?
I remember feeling 'grown up'. Mum had prepared me for it, but I didn't realise how much it was going to hurt!
What was the culture* around menstruation like for you growing up? *Culture can be how you define it in the context of this question
It was definitely a 'girls only' topic and nothing you talked about much. Felt quite secret and private. I remember feeling really awkward when I had to ask my manager for a day off because I was in too much pain to work.
Have you recently learnt any new vagina/vulva/uterus related facts or myths you didn't know? A friend told me recently about how the sanskrit word for vagina/uterus is 'yoni', which means 'origin, abode, sacred temple, or source' and symbolises the divine, eternal process of creation and regeneration. Beautiful!
Lastly, we love food at Reemi. What's your go-to 'feel good' snack when you're bleeding?
It's got to be chocolate! Specifically dark chocolate. Everyone who knows me knows that I always have a good selection of chocolate in my handbag. ;-)
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