Friends of Reemi sits down with Sonalie Figueiras, founder of Green Queen

Friends of Reemi 02 | Sonalie Figueiras from Green Queen Media

Welcome back to Friends of Reemi.
Here we talk to friends that are doing some incredible things, and shedding light on their experience with periods. It's all about bringing these conversations into normal everyday spaces.
This week we’re delighted to be talking with Sonalie, founder of Green Queen Media. Sonalie is a serial social entrepreneur and eco activist, and a champion for creating a better world for all. Green Queen began as an online guide to a more sustainable way of living, and has grown to become an award-winning impact media platform that advocates for social & environmental change. Sonalie - you’re incredible! Thanks for joining us on Friends of Reemi.
Break down for us what you do and why you're passionate about it
It's a long story but I believe that we have a right to a healthier, greener, safer, fairer world and it's just not the priority of those in charge- so I fight for it.
If you could solve one issue what would it be?
I would get everyone to eat fewer animal foods.
What's something that's been delighting you recently?
Recently I breathed a high sigh of relief that Joe Biden was elected President of the US- it is a chance for us to fight climate change after four years of anti-planet policy.
How would you define beauty?
Beauty should be about pleasure- visual, sensual, aural... beauty should elevate your senses.
What was the culture* around menstruation like for you growing up?
The culture of menstruation was that no one discussed it with me and no one helped me understand what was going on. I was left alone to deal with it and I ended up choosing the stoic approach- I remember the first time I got my period I was alone and I was meant to go body boarding with some guys and I forced myself to use a tampon so I would not have to cancel, so I would not appear "weak".
We'd love to hear what your biggest "hot mess" moment has been with your period. Help us feel better about our own!
Oh I have many- including bleeding so much in the shower that I blocked the drain!'
Have you recently learnt any new vagina/vulva/uterus related facts or myths you didn't know? I didn't know how few women ever experience sexual pleasure- that's been a sad thing to learn.

What did you wish you knew about your period when you were younger? I wish I knew that hormonal fluctuations were real- I was brainwashed to believe it was just any other day, but then I realized it throws your whole body out of sorts!
Lastly, we love food at Reemi. What's your go-to 'feel good' snack when you're bleeding?
Dark chocolate- ideally melted with vegan butter :)
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