Give the gift of Reemi for Christmas

Give the Gift of Reemi This Year

Even though we couldn’t travel this year, our undies sure have! Your purchases reduced the number of disposable period products that ended up in landfill all around the world. You’ve also helped us to deliver education and products to 156 garment workers at an AS Colour factory - the people who made our t-shirts! In the wildest year of our lives, we are so proud that Reemi is doing what we set out for it to do - making periods better for everyone, everywhere.
What did we do? Bags and Basha On our very first learning trip back in 2017, we were given multiple hot tips to visit an organisation called Basha Boutique. The minute we walked up the steps to their premises, we fell in love. Here was a sanctuary inside a hot and chaotic city, supporting women who were previously vulnerable to trafficking. Earlier this year, we sat in their offices and they worked with us to redesign a pattern for our laundry washing bag and dry bag. These bags are designed to support washing menstrual cloth or period underwear in a more hygienic manner. Although their main production includes beautiful homeware such as kantha blankets, we are stoked to be working alongside such a hope-filled organisation and that they were able to create 180 bags for garment workers. Giving hope to both the artisans who are paid a decent wage to make these products, as well as to the garment workers who will then receive these bags. It's a win-win-win. They've been tremendous at adapting to a world with covid and we honestly, take our hats off to their entire staff. Learn more and support Basha here. Education through Change Our bags were then sent to our partner garment factory that produces t-shirts for NZ brand, AS Colour. Our education partner, Change Associates, has also been exceptionally at adapting into this covidian world and have trained their onsite health team. The team will then demonstrate how to use the bags, as well as provide additional information around bacteria and why they are useful.
Want to give the gift of Reemi this year? Order our period underwear, ethical tees or our ultimate gift pack before the 21st of December to ensure delivery in New Zealand. And know that your purchase is not only going to make your life better, but also the lives of others, as well as being kind to the planet. Triple win!
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