Reemi Humanitarian Products

Reemi Period Underwear

Period underwear is preferred because of its discrete nature, reusability and ease of use. We originally co-designed our Reemi Period Underwear with underwear manufacturer, Hop Lun to combat regular infections. With an antimicrobial technology and high absorbency, they have fast become the most preferred product.

  • Reusable - empowers communities to not rely on regular aid
  • Leak Proof
  • Antimicrobial
  • Inclusive design for people with disabilities
  • High Absorbency
  • Zero Waste
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MHM Washing Bag in use in Bangladesh for zero waste mhm solutions

MHM Washing Bag

The washing bags are designed to wash period products hygienically and be used without needing to touch the used menstrual products.

The bags have a scrubber on the inside at the base and are designed to be filled with water and detergent/soap. The used cloth or Reemi period underwear is placed inside and tied shut with the drawstring at the top. The bag is designed to be filled with water, scrubbed, emptied and repeated until the cloth is clean. The cloth can then be left to dry, preferable inside Reemi's MHM Drying bag. 

  • Waterproof bag to effectively wash reusable MHM products that can hold water securely and carried to private areas. 
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Seam sealed seams
  • Abrasive washing pad durable for 50 washes
  • Enables Zero Waste MHM solutions
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MHM Drying Bag in use in Bangladesh for zero waste mhm solutions

MHM Drying Bag

The MHM Drying Bag is designed to be easy to use. Place the freshly cleaned menstrual product inside the bag on the cord on the inside, much like an internal washing line on the inside of the bag. The sides are then kept together and pegged on a washing line with moisture wicking and fast drying fabric. This is best used after using Reemi's MHM Washing Bag.

  • Moisture wicking & fast drying fabric 
  • Dark colour 
  • Ability to hang on washing line
  • Enables Zero Waste MHM solutions
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