Thanks to the support of Elrha and the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, as well as 900 kiwis, we are working to help 7,074 wāhine in Gaza!


'My Period Has Become a Nightmare'

Periods twice a month, no pads, 1 toilet per 486 people, regular irritation - these are some of the realities on the ground in Gaza.

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Why Reemi Products?

Period underwear is preferred because of its discrete nature, reusability and ease of use. It’s very hard to distribute aid, so distributing reusable Reemi products once will ensure people are not dependent on the next aid truck.

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  • What Are We Doing

    We are providing Reemi Period Products to women and girls in Gaza, as part of Oxfam's response plan.

  • Why Are We Doing This

    There is unprecedented need in Gaza right now. Water, sewage and waste infrastructure is in crisis, leaving no hygienic means to dispose of single-use pads.

  • How Are We Doing This

    Through established manufacturing partners, we are able to provide 4x units of Period Underwear for NZ$33.


Is Aid Getting In?

We’re working with Oxfam and their staff and local partners in Gaza who, despite the challenges, are still managing to deliver vital aid within communities.  We cannot guarantee that aid will be immediately accepted to go through the border, so it could take some time. 

Why Not Food Instead Of Period Products?

Food aid is with a different team. We work with the Water & Sanitation team, (WASH) for period products. WASH is present in all humanitarian responses. It doesn’t take away from the Food & Nutrition teams, they have different specialists and a different response coordination. Women are still in crisis and we support their need to access period products.

How Do Reusable Products Work If There’s No Access To Water?

Our partners have already managed to establish water desalination units to the communities we are looking to work with. This was a key part of the strategic plan to install water first, support sanitation second.

What Will the Money Be Used For?

This money will be used to manufacture more Reemi period products to distribute to the population that Oxfam is already working with.

On the chance, we do not raise enough funds to reach the order minimums required by our manufacturers, we will work with Oxfam to ensure that funds are used for the same intended purposes.

Where Will The Products Be Made?

Our initial response will be coming from China but funds raised, will help us manufacture in Egypt for it to be more accessible for Gaza.

Do You Support People In Israel?

We make assessments based on a humanitarian needs perspective. According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme - Israel currently has some of the best access to water and sanitation in the world, so Israel has not been part of our response plan.

What Assurances Can You Make That Reemi funds Are Not Supporting Any Armed Groups?

Reemi never works with organisations that have any association with Armed Groups. This funding will go towards the production and manufacturing of Reemi period products. Any funds that will be used for the cost of distribution, will do so through Oxfam GB and their Partners, that are vetted.

Are You Working In Other Countries?

Yes, we’re working in Bangladesh, Vanuatu, CAR, Mali, and Somalia. Check out our map here.

Watch Emily share about Reemi's work in Gaza on Breakfast on 8th April 2024

Reemi is a Registered Charity in New Zealand CC56441. All donations above NZ$5 are Tax Deductible.