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MHM Washing Bag

MHM Washing Bag

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The washing bags are designed to be used without needing to touch the used menstrual products. The bags have a scrubber on the inside at the base and are designed to be filled with water and detergent/soap. The used cloth or Reemi period underwear is placed inside and tied shut with the drawstring at the top. The bag is designed to be filled with water, scrubbed, emptied and repeated until the cloth is clean. The cloth can then be left to dry, preferable inside Reemi's MHM Drying bag. 
  • Waterproof bag to effectively wash reusable MHM products that can hold water securely and carried to private areas. 
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Seam sealed seams
  • Abrasive washing pad durable for 50 washes
  • Enables Zero Waste MHM solutions

Available for Wholesale order only. Email us or complete cart to give us your details, and we can then supply pricing information. 

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How is my purchase doing good?

Every pair of Reemi sold allows us to provide menstrual health education and reusable period products for garment workers in Bangladesh. ALL our profits go towards our research-driven, evidence-based projects currently centred in garment factories in Bangladesh. We partner with local organisations to help mobilise sustainable and effective solutions for people who need them most. To learn more about our research and the people we’re working with, sign up to our newsletter here!